Tsosoloso Program provides accessibility and availability of learning resources by setting up library facilities and services; publishing bilingual content; distributing supplementary educational resources and facilitating training programs. Our self publishes bilingual educational content includes our two bilingual storybooks offering multiple folktales in each book. Our training program promotes effective learning techniques and interactive learning experience.

Our approach

We adopt a long term strategy and implement robust, sustainable, and effective solutions. We recognize that each community or school is different and has different needs. We, therefore, invest significant time and research in understanding existing environments in order to understand the problem before piloting an appropriate solution. We further ensure sustainability and continuous improvement through constant monitoring of progress and performance measures.

How we differentiate ourselves

Our unique offering is not only educational, fun, and stimulate creativity to learners but the products also promote bilingualism and preserve our heritage. Learners in these communities can relate and identify with the content. Research has shown that bilingual children perform better in school when they are effectively instructed in their home language and systematically introduced to English. By using a combination of mother-tongue language with English, the learning environment cultivates an appreciation of different cultures as the learner’s confidence to attempt other learning activities increases.

Our Products

  • o Educational Games, Activities, Posters, and Flashcards
  • o Bilingual Traditional Children’s Story Books
  • o Bilingual Traditional Children’s Story e-Books
  • o Bilingual Traditional Children’s Story Books (Audio)

Services Offered

Facilitate Training Programmes on reading, spelling techniques and interactive learning 

Educator Coaching and Mentoring Program

Parents Coaching and Mentoring Program

Consulting Services:

o Learner Assessments

o Research and Project Management Services

o Recommend/Implement Solution/Draft School Policy

o Continued Monitoring and Improvements

Target Market and Audience

Within the rural, farming and mining communities, our focus is in the following areas

o Early Childhood Development Programs

o Elementary Schools

o Set up Library Facilities (Stationed and Mobile)

o Adult Basic Education Programs