Welcome to Tsosoloso Programme, and thank you for being part of this exciting journey as we transform communities through education!

Tsosoloso is a registered Non Profit Start-Up (133-631 NPO) working with primary schools in rural and underserved communities. We believe that learning does not stop in the classroom. As a result, we publish and distribute supplementary bilingual educational content to historically underserved communities in order to encourage a reading culture, improve literacy, and preserve our diverse heritage.
Thank you @EDGE for bringing this campaign to life and to everyone who has supported us to reach our initial goal in just a few weeks! Our next goal is to aim to reach $3500 in 35 days! Please consider investing in this transformative cause by supporting us on the GoFundMe link below.

Through our innovative learning material and training services, our goal is to utilize these tools and services as a vehicle to empower poorer communities and increase the success rate to transition out of poverty. Our aim is to build confidence in our young learners, empower them and mobilize the continent’s social and economic growth.
We distribute educational content and resources, including bilingual self-published content to the schools; facilitate training programmes for teachers to promote an engaging and interactive learning experience; as well as setup library facilities. Our goal is to promote innovation, problem solving outlook, collaboration, critical thinking and experiential learning among our learners using technology as a driver. We have partnered with Google’s Next Gen CS project to introduce coding and Computer Science to students in underserved communities.